Originating in India, Ayurveda - science (ved) of life (ayur) - is the oldest system of holistic medicine, dating back to 6000 BC. Ayurvedic herbs have been in use for thousands of years and have a proven track record of safety and efficacy, well-researched and backed by clinical trials.

One can find tried and tested combinations of over 170 herbs and minerals in all 31 of our products; each one designed not just to cure, but to prevent and care.


Azadirachta indica
Has anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitical properties that aid in deworming

Used in 17 products

Tinospora cordifolia
Heart-leaved moonseed
Has the ability to safely balance and modulate the immune system

Used in 14 products

Achyranthes aspera
Prickly Chaff Flower
Is a natural laxative useful in maintaining gastrointestinal health

Used in 13 products

Zingiber officinale
Is universally reputed for its use in gastrointestinal disorders

Used in 12 products

Solanum nigrum
Black Nightshade
Used as a tonic, laxative, appetite stimulant, and for treating asthma

Used in 11 products

Withania somnifera
Promotes physical and mental health, restores the body and increases longevity

Used in 10 products

Curcuma longa
Is an anti-inflammatory that also helps reduce the pain caused by inflamed joint

Used in 9 products

Emblica officinalis
Significantly reduces the adverse effects of stress on physical and mental health

Used in 9 products

Allium sativum
Contains strong detoxifying agents that repel worms and other pests

Used in 8 products