The healing power of Mother Nature is not unknown and I believe that this boon should be extended to every living creature that is part of our ecosystem. I envision merging the power of nature and modern science to benefit the health of the beloved animals that enrich and sustain our lives. On behalf of the Vetracare team, I would like to assure all our stakeholders with a promise of a socially and environmentally responsible business.



Big enough to deliver.
Small enough to care.

We stick to promises made and deliver them unrelentingly. We don’t forget where we began and treat each request with respect.

Actiones secundum fidei
(action follows belief)

Nature is the core of our business and we must walk that talk. We don’t compromise on the quality of our work, ensuring that animals are treated with utmost care.

Ethics. Community. Self.
(the order in which we operate)

We don’t look for shortcuts. Our people drive the business – from farmers, to vets, to factory workers, and so we ensure fair trade that is commensurate with quality.


“What started as a strategic trial for my firm has turned into a long-term partnership of delivering premium-grade herbal feed supplements through Vetracare. When I get positive feedback from my customers about the products, I know I have made a wise decision in moving towards the green side for a sustainable, healthier future.”

- Nemanja


“The high priority on Vetracares quality control when choosing & carefully processing ingredients can really be seen in their products. The immunity of the animals are strengthened and despite the erratic climate, they are no cases of ”

- Erika