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Who we are

Vetracare deals in the manufacturing and distribution of high quality herbal veterinary healthcare products through understanding the importance of treating veterinary diseases with the gentlest care that the animals deserve. There is a rising shift in a more natural approach to cure ailments, be it human or animals. This is the bridge that Vetracare aims to be.Located strategically amidst the Shivalik mountain range, the production plant has easy access to some of the finest natural and herbal resources. This ensures that the end-products are created to the highest quality which is Vetracare’s brand promise to its customers.

Ayurveda for Animals?


Age-old practice

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian concept of medicinal herbology, has seen spike in global adoption over the past decade. World Health Organization research in developing countries has shown that costs of allopathic system of medicines for curing diseases, unlike traditional medicines are very high and are beyond the reach of the common man.


Paradigm shift

Concerns about the adverse effects of chemical drugs and changing perspectives about the effects of modern medicines and their usage, are now manifesting themselves in the form of increased application of traditional medicines, even in developed country markets.


They aren't any different

While the results in human beings are undeniable, the ancient wisdom science and therapeutic knowledge of Ayurveda comes to practical aspect to provide healing and health to the animals. Veterinary Ayurveda provides with a number of great and safer options for this purpose. As we know that Ayurvedic medicines are safe, natural, provide longevity most of all, these medicines offer a preventive approach.


And because we care

Vetracare’s medicines have been studied and practiced for the benefits of pets and animals. We find that Ayurvedic medicines are immensely beneficial for animals in many health conditions like arthritis, weight gain, indigestion, renal diseases, skin conditions, wound healing, cystitis, ophthalmic conditions and many more! Since animals are closer to nature these natural remedies are the ideal for their overall wellbeing.

The Vision


The healing power of Mother Nature is not unknown and I believe that this boon should be extended to every living creature that is part of our ecosystem. I envision merging the power of nature and modern science to benefit the health of the beloved animals that enrich and sustain our lives. On behalf of the Vetracare team, I would like to assure all our stakeholders with a promise of a socially and environmentally responsible business.


Upcoming Events

VIV Asia, 2019

March 13-15, 2019

We're back for our second run at VIV Asia! Watch out for better branding, a wider product range and improved services to suit your business needs. Catch us in Hall 102 at Booth 102.2132 to find out more

Past Events

VIV MEA, 2018

February 5-7, 2018

After our maiden run with VIV in Asia earlier this year, we shall be in Abu Dhabi at VIV MEA, 2018. Known as THE regional trade fair to serve the veterinary markets of the Middle East and Africa to Turkey, Iran and the South-Central Asia, we are excited to spread out globally, and one step closer to you!

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ILDEX Indonesia, 2017

October 18-20, 2017

Yes! We are part of ILDEX Indonesia, 2017, the sub-region’s biggest livestock exhibition that will be held between 18-20 October, 2017 in Jakarta. Watch this space as we gear up!

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VIV Asia, 2017

March 15-17, 2017

Held in the land of a thousand smiles, Vetracare made its debut on the VIV circuit, one of the most prestigious industry exhibitions. Spanning over 3 days with 1000+ exhibitors and visitors from all over the globe, we met clients and peers and most importantly, came back with a better understanding of how to serve you better.

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Client Testimonials

“The high priority on Vetracare’s quality control when choosing & carefully processing ingredients can really be seen in their products. The immunity of the animals are strengthened and despite the erratic climate, they are no cases of sickness or mortality. They are changing traditional livestock farming to shift from one-time treatments into a healthier & more sustainable overall health prevention, without additional cost.”

Erika, Philippines

“What started as a strategic trial for my firm has turned into a long-term partnership of delivering premium-grade herbal feed supplements through Vetracare. When I get positive feedback from my customers about the products, I know I have made a wise decision in moving towards the green side for a sustainable, healthier future.”