VetraDworm is a 100% natural supplement that aids in the healthy function of the animal’s digestive tract. The use of chemical treatment in animal husbandries are quick but short-lived with a high chance of recurrence. VetraDworm is an organic and safe alternative to rid animals of their digestive system’s ailments and strengthening their resistance to such issues in the long run. This formulation blends easily into feed and water without hampering the taste. Being completely natural, VetraDworm can be used for both, prevention and cure of digestive ailments.

Size : 1 ltr | 25 kg

  • Effective herbal intestinal care
  • Gentle on the intestine, hard on bacteria
  • Ideal for both, prevention and cure


  • 30ml-40ml orally twice daily for 7-10 days


  • 1 kg / ton of feed